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  • Mt. Fuji Sightseeing Tour

Mt. Fuji Sightseeing Tour

Tour Type Tour of Hakone and Mount Fuji
Customer Family of Four from Scotland
Tour Course Hotel in Tokyo > Fuji Visitor Center > Fifth Station of
Mount Fuji > Lawson Gotemba > Tougendai Terminal
Hotel (Hakone)


Our customer was travelling from Tokyo to Hakone as a part of their family trip in Japan.  They decided to take a sightseeing tour around Hakone and Mount Fuji on the way to a hotel in Hakone.  Fortunately, it was a nice clear day, and they enjoyed a glorious view of Mount Fuji from a car.  On the way to Mount Fuji, our driver passed through a "Melody Road"; a road that sings out a tune as you drive over it.  They were so intrigued by this local tourist attraction, they wanted to know how it worked. 


Coming from Scotland, our driver asked them whether they enjoy whisky.  Their answer was yes (naturally), so our driver surprised them at the end of the trip by handing a gift of a local whisky made in the Mount Fuji region as a small gift to remember their trip.

  • Tokyo Sightseeing Tour
  • Tokyo Sightseeing Tour

Tokyo Sightseeing Tour

Tour Type Tokyo Sightseeing Tour
Customer Six friends from United States,
including one Japanese couple. 
Tour Course Hotel in Tokyo > Meiji Shrine > Harajuku > Omote-sando (Kiddy Land a local toy store) > Lunch (Genpachi Restaurant) > Skytree > Asakusa Temple > Pass through Rainbow Bridge (via car) > back to Hotel in Tokyo


Our customer encountered a photo session for a newly wed all dressed in the traditional Japanese wedding attire in Meiji Shrine, and they snapped some pictures of the happy couple, which made their day.  We took them to a Japanese restaurant made famous by the move "Kill Bill", Genpachi Restaurant.  At Asakusa Nakamise Shopping street, they bought souvenirs like chopsticks and Japanese handkerchief. 


Our driver handed a gift of an album (Tokyo Private Tour original) containing several group pictures taken in Meiji Shrine and Asakusa.

  • Tokyo Tour for honeymooner
  • Tokyo Tour for honeymooner

Tokyo Tour for honeymooner

Tour Type Tokyo Sightseeing for a Couple
Customer A newlywed couple from Mexico
Tour Course Hotel in Tokyo > National Diet Building > Tokyo Imperial Palace > Pass through Ginza (via car)>Skytree -> Asakusa Temple > Meiji Shrine>Omotesando Hills


While walking around Asakusa Temple with the chauffeur, the couple decided to try a "Omikuji", which is a traditional fortune-telling practice in a template.  The customers were so pleased when the chauffeur translated their fortune letter they had picked.


We knew the customer was on their honeymoon trip, so we decorated the car with flowers, additional refreshments with a message "Happy Honeymoon" before their arrival.  After their trip was over, we handed a bouquet of flowers and a small gift to celebrate their marriage. 

  • Layover Tour

Layover Tour

Tour Type Tokyo Layover Tour
Customer A female business traveler from Canada
Tour Course Haneda Airport > Nijuubashi > Pass through National Diet Building, Prime Minister's Official Residence, Ginza, Nipponbashi, Akihabara, Ueno (via car)>Asakusa Temple > Back to Haneda Airport

Tour Arrangement

Taking advantage of airport layover time, we were requested to arrange a very condensed version of Tokyo sightseeing tour. 

Customer Review

"It was so much fun!  Now that I have a better sense of what Tokyo has to offer, I want to come back with my family to explore more. I highly recommend this tour if you have to kill time while waiting your flight in Tokyo!

  • Nikko Sightseeing Tour

Nikko Sightseeing Tour

Tour Type Tour of Nikko Edomura and Nikko Toshogu
Customer Family of Three from Qatar
Tour Course Hotel in Tokyo > Nikko Edomura(Amusement Park)>Eaon Imaichi for Coffee > Nikko Toshogu>Hotel in Tokyo

Customer Review

“I wanted to extend my deepest thank you from me and my family to your excellent services and especially to Mr. Yoshimura who was our driver and guide to Nikko. We enjoyed our trip and will love to get in contact with you in the future and I will make sure to recommend your services to our friends and family.”

  • Tokyo Tour for Muslim Customer

Tokyo Tour for Muslim Customer

Tour Type Tokyo Culture Tour Created for Muslim Customer
Customer Family of Five from Middle East
Tour Course Hotel in Tokyo > Shinjuku Gyoen > Tokyo Camii (Tokyo Mosque) >Bookstore (Kinokuniya) > Lunch at Ramen Shop (Haral Tei) > Asakusa (with a jumbo size Melon-Pan, a popular Japanese snack for children) > Shopping at a Drugstore > Asakusa Template>Hotel in Tokyo

Tour Arrangement

We arranged the tour, keeping in mind that the purpose of their tour was for their children to experience different culture, nature and weather, while keeping it entertaining for young children who love Japanese pop culture.  Per their religious practice, we also researched and found pray room and a Halal Ramen restaurant for them!

Customer Review

"It had been a great day with you! We had the best guide of the world during this tour!"