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A Licensed Tour Guide

All of our licensed tour guides are friendly, professional, and qualified with extensive years of experience. They know each experience is unique and are passionate about guiding you through this wonderful country we call home.

With Outech, you have the possibility to reserve a licensed guided tour with or without a vehicle.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Consultation Services

Our professional tour advisors can assist you to create your ideal tour through expert recommendations concerning possible sightseeing routes, restaurants, desired accommodation, etc.

All of our tours can be fully customized following your needs, wants, and interests.

Whether you are a first-timer coming to Japan, or a more seasoned traveler searching for your next adventure, our team of traveling consultants are always looking forward to bringing the best out of your stay in Japan.

Our Consultation Fee: 5,500 JPY per tour and per day* (with an extra 500 JPY per restaurant booking if any).

*This includes the research and creation of your tour itinerary, as well as our around-the-clock support (phone and email). If you choose to book your tour with us, the above-mentioned fee will be waived. Additional fees will be charged if your tour plans change dramatically during the consultation process.


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