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About this Tour

Introducing a new package tour combining 2 hours of semi custom-made Tokyo sightseeing trip with “Edo Komon” Stencil Dyeing experience!

About “Edo Komon/Stencil Dyeing”
We offer a unique hands-on experience of making “Edo Komon”, traditional textiles made popular during the Edo-period about 400 years ago. The term “Komon” usually refers to a type of Kimono with small-scale repeat patterns that are dyed into textiles. Although intricacy of patterns is often hard to see from afar, there are so many varieties of patterns available with special significance behind each ones.

The origin of Edo Komon goes back to the early Edo period when dying kamishimo, a formal samurai attire, started. As the merchants’ culture in the mid Edo period developed, Komon became widely accepted by the general public beyond social class. Typical dyeing methods include a technique similar to stenciling, utilizing a color paste dubbed onto paper patterns that are carved into specific designs. The process seems simple, but in reality, it requires refined skills and extensive experience to perfect the aptitude.

During your tour, you will have hands-on experience of making placemats with traditional Komon techniques. Please join us in this unique tour to make your own traditional crafts in a historic shop built in 1914, reminiscent of the bygone era!

* Your chauffeur will serve as a translator between you and your stencil instructor during the dyeing experience session;
*No minimum number of attendees (one person reservation welcomed)
*You can also purchase authentic Edo Komon during the tour

Popular sightseeing spots after dyeing trial session
• Kagurazaka – a town reminiscent of Edo-period, full of adoring alley ways and small markets
• Shinjuku Metropolitan Government Building – offering popular observatory for Tokyo’s skyline
• Chinzanso Hotel Japanese Garden – Relaxing in a serene Japanese garden

Tour Details
  • Destination:Tokyo Metropolitan Area
  • Duration:4 Hours
  • Departure Time:9:30 am
  • Drop off & Pick up:Your Hotel or Anywhere within Tokyo's 23 wards
  • Language:English / Japanese
  • Lunch:Not included
  1. Dye Trial session and a walk through of a factory shop @ Tokyo Some Monogatari (2 hours / making placemats)
  2. Semi Custom-made Tokyo sightseeing trip (based on our recommendation, neighboring the Dye Shop)
  • Sedan
    For 2-3 passengers
    Toyota Crown and Nissan Fuga
  • Luxury Sedan
    For 2-3 passengers
    Lexus LS460L,
    Mercedez Benz S550L and
    BMW 7 series
  • Mini Van or Van
    For 4-13 passengers
    Toyota Alphard and
    Toyota Hiace
Chauffeur/ English Speaker Guide
Our chauffeurs go through a rigorous selection process, and extensively trained on driving skills, Tokyo geography and history.  They are energetic and passionate about their jobs, friendly and eager to please our customers.  They are ready to go above and beyond to make your trip memorable and worthwhile, and often have a special (and pleasant) surprise for you and your guest.  When you think about it, they are much more than a driver/tour guide.  They are your personal concierge.  Please join one of our tours, and we guarantee to deliver the best experience.
In-Car Service

* Please request * items when you reserve this tour.

Special Note
  • Tour subject to reservation availability at the facility (depending on schedule, there may not be any class opening)
  • At least 5 day advance reservation is required
  • Available dates: Monday to Friday (no weekend)
  • Due to lack of parking nearby and a narrow alleyway leading to the facility, a short walk (5 ~10 minutes) from your car is necessary.
Terms & Conditions
(the "Tours", hereunder)
- The length and site coverage of the Tours is subject to change, based on traffic condition, parking availability and other unforeseen circumstances that are common to Tokyo metropolitan area, and/or unexpected conditions that prevents us to complete a tour in part or full.
- Your chauffeur may not be able to accompany you and your party to certain locations when a parking for a limousine is not readily available on site. In such situation, your chauffeur may choose to provide you with relevant information about sites inside a vehicle, and answer any questions you may have prior to your excursion on your own.
- The quoted price on the Tours include tolls, parking fees and entrance fees, not include Lunch costs.
- The Tours are subject to extra charge (usually 20% of the base price) in case of early morning and late night departure and/or arrival.
- Some tours may not be available on requested dates due to holiday schedule or a scheduled closure of business. - Please inquire details when making a reservation.
- We reserve the right to assign a type of vehicle (Sedan or Minivan) most suitable for your trip, based on the size of your party.
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Less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time (local time): 50% of Total Price
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